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ICS Energy Solutions is a family owned and operated business based in Pelican Rapids, MN.  Ryan Binek and his wife Nicholle run the day to day business with support from their two teenage kids (Kaden and Allison).  Ryan purchased the business from David Spidahl in January of 2020 and David remains involved in the business in a supporting role.  


The ICS Energy Solutions warehouse and showroom are located at 1309 North Broadway, Pelican Rapids, MN.  The Binek's are proud to be part of the Pelican Rapids business community and support the lakes area and beyond.  

Our Mission is to provide innovative, high quality, energy focused, building solutions to drive efficiency and savings to both our contractors and the customer at fair prices.  We strive to ensure long term business success by maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, product knowledge and customer service in all our business relationships.  

The high cost of energy and lumber combined with an increasing awareness of a changing global climate is a driving force behind the trend towards more energy-efficient construction and remodeling projects. 

Zero Net Energy home construction is a movement that is quickly taking off and it starts with an energy-efficient building envelope using ICF (insulated concrete forms) to help keep the energy consumption of the home as low as possible. 

Residential and commercial buildings account for nearly 40% of the nation’s total energy demand and roughly 74% of all electricity use in the United States and an even greater share of peak power demand in some regions.  (Source: 

  • ICS Energy Solutions strives to be the area leader in offering:

    • For Contractors:

      • Products that deliver built-in cost savings that reduce labor and construction costs and allow for faster build cycles 

      • Timely availability of products to builders 

      • Fair and competitive pricing

      • Supported by strong customer service and excellent product knowledge

      • Ongoing training

      • A partner in attracting new business​

    • For Homeowners and Businesses: 

      • Increased energy efficiency thereby reducing heating and air conditioning cost and reducing electricity and fuel costs.  

        • Heating and Cooling bills are about ½ that of a traditionally built home

      • Reduced insurance costs

      • Wind protection- Wind rated to over 300 mph

      • Fire Protection- 4-hour fire rating

      • Moisture Protection

      • Exceptional Soundproofing

      • Improve indoor air quality

        • Materials are non-toxic and do not emit gas or VOCs, and offer zero nutrient sources to promote the growth and spread of mold.

      • Want to build a net-zero home?  We provide solutions that allow the builder to design and build a solution that is capable of selling energy back to the grid instead of buying it (Logix ICF and AMC Foam solutions combined with cost effective renewable energy generation technology such as geothermal, wind or solar).   

      • Potential for Federal, State or Local incentives

        • Example:  U.S Department of Energy grants or other funding such as the Connected Communities program.  “The integration of emerging technologies and systems is essential to the success of efforts to maximize the effectiveness of advanced building technologies,” said Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Daniel R. Simmons.

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