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1309 North Broadway Pelican Rapids

We are proud to have his warehouse and showroom in Pelican Rapids.  Built with Logix ICF!  



What a wonderful home this will be on a cold winter night!  Blistering heat of our 2021 summer will be no match for this home once complete.  


Commercial Project

22 courses of 10" Logix block for this commercial project shared by the team at AMC Foam/Logix.  



What an amazing shop this will be!  Built with Logix ICF and Heat-Sheet it will be cozy in the winter.  


Storm shelter

This was a little demonstration of our product for a client that used Logix to build a storm shelter.  The possibilities are endless!  We've also had customers use it for root cellars as well.  


Pelican Rapids Parade 2021

Rainy day, but we had a great turnout for the parade.  Our kids were soaked by the end, but we made some memories.  Thank you for your support!

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